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In this FREE training you’ll discover:
  • How my students are cutting their headaches in half 
  • ​Why pills only deal with symptoms, and aren’t the long-term solution that most people with migraines are looking for 
  • ​The new brain science about how we can rewire the brain to make it more resistant to migraines
  • ​The most important supplement that people with migraines need to take
  • ​The shortcut to reducing migraines using scientifically proven techniques instead of searching the internet for answers 
About your host
When I trained in Neurology at Stanford, I learned all about the medications that we can use to treat migraines. But they don't work for everybody, especially for those of use with chronic migraines. 

We've learned a LOT about how the brain works since then... including some of the ways that the brain heals itself. It turns out that there are many evidence-based ways to improve our brain health so that we can reduce migraines. 

My goal is to empower patients with effective, scientifically based tools to reduce migraines... and to get their lives back. 
Masterclass for people who want to learn how to harness the brain’s innate capacity to heal to improve their headaches
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